May 12, 2010: Red Flags and I thought I was Clueless!

I’ve been thinking about what red flag moments I have had in my life.

I have had nudges by advisors/ introductions by sisters and friends/ Calls to go forward in Billy Graham Crusades and other revivals/ proposals of marriage/ proposals of jobs/ energy of prayer meetings and speakers at conventions.  I have broken my arm and gone six weeks to hand therapy.  I’ve gotten diplomas, I’ve given SAT tests to my kids.  I’ve read a ton of books: red flags in them all, prompting me to awaken to a message to me from beyond, “You are here.”

I have decided to tell those who are trying so hard to get me to see their message that I invite them to show up in my dreams.  Then, because the images and adventures got so astounding, I started writing them down.  Yes, I wanted to share with anyone who would listen.  I’m afraid I got rather annoying.  My sister says she has the meaning of my latest dream.  “You have bats in your brain!”

Once in a while my son will refer the images to some research he is doing online.  I saw a fat man in a business suit pushing at a crowd of people on the sidewalk, but the people held their ground and wouldn’t let him push them aside.  Since he couldn’t get headway on the sidewalk, he plunged into the adjoining river and got himself a double-headed paddle.  But instead of paddling on the surface of the water, he submerged and made his headway upstream underwater!

My son immediately said that it represented the Big Banks so fat with greed. I nodded, for the word, ‘Pork-barrel’ came to mind.  He said that the people are no longer going to let themselves be pushed around.  Sneaking around underwater was likened to submarine activity now being reported by whistle-blowers.

One thing I read was that when interpreting suggestions for someone else’s dream, you are supposed to preface it with, “Now, if it were My dream…”.

I’m actually supposed to ask the man who he was and get him to reveal whether he was a real-world icon, or representing a part of my own psyche.  To me fat and pushy and desperate seemed like many aspects of my late husband in our ‘You and me against the world’ period of our lives.  I noticed I was meekly behind him until he fell into the water and continue in a new dimension.  Water meaning the afterlife, or rather after-death.  Even if that is the icon, what does it mean to me?

I was told the repercussions of Karma must repeat until dealt with.  Do I need to stop being the mousey follower of ‘alpha personalities’ if they are not qualified with positive energy?  The pictures of Jesus I have painted stare at me from the walls.  His eyes seem to say the key is forgiveness.

I found myself drawing pictures in my notebook.  They were all rectangles.  The rectangle is an icon that appears repeatedly in my dreams. ___/ The first rectangle on my page I labeled ‘red flags’:  Elements of the ‘Dream’: “What is it for?”( Does it serve the Christ?  Is my brother blest?  Does it help us join in deep insight?  Is the dream of death by its light undone?  Does it make us ‘one’?

Beneath that a rectangle___/ of ‘my bed’:  Doorway to dreams, messages, inspirations, prayer.  It helps me rest, relax, and refresh.

___/’My blog’: (That is the rectangle of my computer.) Helps me put my experiences and musings of segments of ‘form’ where others can connect and react.

___/’My block’: Neighborhood sidewalk for walks, getting out in the fresh air, gain a peaceful alternate perspective wide open with possibilities and casual greetings.

___/’My canvas’: Upon which I create brush stroke forms for framing and display and bring beauty, inspiration, delight, and cultural uplift.

___/(A dream image) “My Memory Store”:  An Etheric record of all past actions and motives that bear pressure on the moment.  It’s urges remind me to bring Love’s Wisdom to power Now and bring me back into balanced alignment with the Higher Self I purpose to be.

___/ ‘My Altar’: Of purification (located invisibly out in front of me and somewhat high up):  Here the Holy Spirit burns what I offer of my thoughts and desires and expectations. (Judgementalism too).  He burns up fears and delusions of the Ego and gives back the purified motives and God-energy, pure intent, and Christ-identity virtue.

___/’My books’: I recognize in books many flags to prompt my consciousness to choose attitudes, design a higher purpose, warn of apathy or ego-led delusions, map a process and inspire me to actions.

___/’My shower’: Hits me with cleansing hydration.  It is a point of contact for God’s energy descending to ready me for the day.  I can sing or shout my mantra, “Let all evil leave and go down the drain;  money, good, blessing, delight, and production come!”

___/’My table’:  Supports display of choices for me.  It feeds me and reminds me to be thankful for receiving nutrition, beauty, sense delights, and Christ company!

Bye for now, Shelley


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