May 12th, 2010:Tuesday Sings a Song to Me

I received a new pair of shoes in the mail!  Whoo-hoo!  I won them on e-bay for only .25.  That is twenty-five cents!  OK, so the shipping was $7.  But I’m happy and that’s what counts.  I am 62, but still act like a sweet sixteen when it comes to getting my way!

Sister says,  “Shelley, you’ve got to reign your online spending and save for what you really want.”  It is so easy for her to think I should be sensible.  After many years of being sensible and not being able to have any money to spend on a little treat for myself I must have back-lashed.

It was while the kids were young that it all went for the necessities;  food, rent, gas in the car and the laundromat.  Scrimping was the norm.  A lot of times it was, ‘borrow from Peter to pay Paul’.  I trained the kids to home make gifts.  We’d get Salvation Army vouchers to get them clothes and shoes.  We didn’t have a computer and e-bay didn’t exist.

So now the kids have families of their own and I hope they appreciated the years my greatest quality was my ability to squeeze the eagle til it grinned.   But now I’m going to be open-handed, not only to others but to myself as well.  Haven’t you heard, you can’t give unless you have it first?

When I take a reading of my forehead I like it to find it smooth as silk.  A peaceful countenance means no worries.  No frowns means I consider what I am experiencing is just dandy.  How do I keep it that way?  As Franz Kafka used to say, “It’s all in the attitude!”  I have a choice!  It’s nobody’s choice but mine.

I made a list of people whose faces may have been red flags to make me aware of important moments.  I listed parents, sisters, childhood friends and teachers.  I listed pastors and mentors.  I listed boyfriends.  I listed my husband.

Then I listed times I was told not to be myself.  I listed when I was disappointed in my expectations.  Times when I hoped for a scenario my imagination scripted for my ‘good’, but a stronger voice or arm took it out from under me.  My ‘parade’ got rained out!

I searched into a playback of those scenes to ask myself some pointed questions.  Did I really choose it?  Did I grow in my soul by discovering something about being at peace, about being patient, about practicing forgiveness for they know not what they do?

I was finishing up Journey of Souls and was shocked to discover that under hypnosis subjects concur that just before a re-entry into a next life experience to work on a soul discovery for growth, they are scripted which parents, which soul-mate, which teachers, which red flags will show up if they are paying attention to tell them, “You are here, now!”  I have been paying attention to my dreams.  I see a lot of red flags in them, but what are they saying?  Conscious Dreaming says you can ask each dream element and character what they are there for.

I am also told waking reality, (because it is a world of dualism and ‘time’) is also a dream.  That means I can ask each element and character what they are there for!

OK, blogathon, what are you here for?  I sense a sweet and sly smile.  It is telling me it is a turning point red flag in my life, because I prayed for the Lord to stretch me and expand my capacity to understand and relate to Him/Her better.  I check my forehead.  Not a sign of a frown.  As a matter of fact, I am nodding in agreement and smiling.



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