May 11th, 2010: Hey! Grand Slam!

OK, I was all set to heave a sigh and repeat my mantra, “So, what else should I expect?”  When I last blogged I only got two Mother’s Day greetings.

Then at bed-time I chanced to log onto my Yahoo account and, lo, my eldest son who is correspondence challenged, sent me a beautiful e-card with flowers wafting in a breeze glistening with dew, sparkling with flits of fireflies, fanned by butterfly wings.  All in the background are dolphins leaping in sunset waters and bird silhouettes careening across the sky.  I put on the headphones and a lovely melody with Hawaiian style instruments and violins just pulled the sentimental tears to my eyes.  I watched it for ten minutes!   Then I posted it to my Facebook.

Today the youngest boy sent a poem via e-mail/Facebook.  He was glad I named him Boaz not Larry or Tom, and a line saying I was a great mom.

Yes, I did name him Boaz.  You see, We started naming the kids out of the Bible, probably thinking the Big Guy would smile with beneficence and we would be followed by a divine ray of light.  I am glad for doing it, but now that I reflect, we probably would have gotten more ‘donations’ if we had named them after some wealthy maiden aunt.  If there had been any available.

So the first two we named after fighters and we thought this third would be a girl.  So when it wasn’t our expected Amy, my husband wanted to name the newest boy Gideon.  No way, I told him.  This kid almost was strangled by the cord until a wise old doctor reached in and unhooked him.  I had a feeling this kid needed the name of a lover, so I named him after the romantic husband of Ruth.  It also helped that he was rich.  So I gave him Richard as his middle name.  It doesn’t hurt to hedge your bets.

I saw that Boaz was a name of one of the temple pillars defined as “It is strength.”  When he was 12 he would pick me up and carry me around in the house saying, “I’m your big strong boy!”  Later he changed his name to ‘Bo’ among his contemporaries.  I was OK with that.  I knew that day would come and had even considered how cool it was to be able to identify with one of the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’.  I’m sure his wife never heard that his name was really Boaz until I visited.  Now his two boys probably call him, “Daddy Bo.”  But not me.

Now for the part about making you all wealthy.  Even though my sister had only ‘safe’ dividend stocks in my portfolio, (she claims expertise from heading a Texas ladies investment group) she likes to see I am studying up.  I had a block against becoming knowledgeable in money matters.  Then I read Barbara Feldon’s book Living Alone and Loving it.  She had a mentor saying if you make the mistake in doing the money handling yourself, you can recognize it, change your ways and grow.  It you trust experts, they guess as easily as you, but if their guess was bad, you feel rotten, …but that’s about it.

So I am reading a book by Suze Orman, subscribing to Dana Ashbach’s newsletter of money after 55 from, and an investor newsletter, Wealth Daily.  I read about gold mining companies, oil finds in Montana, rare earth finds in Greenland, Infrastructure and Wind companies in China and Minerals in Mongolia.  I get the stock code names and forward them to my sis.  ‘That’s nice,” she says, “But you are too old to take risks, we’ll stay at 3% safe bets.”

Hey,  I am willing to get rich with the rest of the betters!  Is she right that now widowed, I might be easily swayed by power sales techniques?  If I give you some stocks to check out and you get rich, would you remember your lucky pal Shelley?  Well, I just want to spread the wealth, so here are some stocks to check out.  (NOG)/(EOG)/(SSN)/ Sinovel Wind/ Vesta Wind/Voyager oil and gas/CREE/AET/ UNH/MRK AMGN/PMI/ and MBI penny stocks: SD/TSX-V/ CDNX.   OK Bye for now.   Shelley


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