May 9th, 2010:Two out of four so far

I’m referring to how many of my kids greeted me today with, “Happy Mother’s Day.”  A lot of others said those words of traditional salutations.  But it seems among my sisters a point of pride to say, “All my kids called me and said, “I love you for being my Mom.””  (Is it right to put a quote inside a quote?)  Going on.

My alpha sister (how I describe the one whose suggestions take us on adventures) suggested we attend a new church today.  OK.  I’m up for anything new.  She was pondering how to feel if she didn’t get a call from her sons.  I replied that I never expect anything so if it happens I am not only pleasantly surprised, but blessed.  She said she might take me for her mentor in having that attitude.  I considered how I came to have that attitude to  ‘choice of bliss in this moment’.  I finally told her I had learned it by having horrible Mother’s Days so I did not wish that upon her.  She nodded in appreciation of my consideration.  (She knew some of the stories.)

My son 31 gave me a hug and took my library books back (due tomorrow).  Now that is a true gift!     My daughter phoned just before this blog so I am inspired.  We talked so long it wore the phone battery down!  She had gone to a Mega church in Sacramento to see fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls and was enthused.  She is 22, just a young fry, and uses ‘awesome’ liberally.  It doesn’t take much to make me smile.

I hope the phone battery recharges in case my other two sons decide to call.

My emails sometimes get funny pictures and the newest is the fix-it again of Americans.  A shopping cart is rigged to become lawn mower motorized with a steering wheel poking through the basket!  A boom box is taped to a dashboard/ a handheld is taped to the steering wheel showing GPS directions.  Someone is snapping a photo through a binocular lens.  A shot shows beer in someones washing machine covered with ice!  I would link you up but whenever I try to leave the blog I get threatened with losing all I have written so far.  I guess you’ll just have to google it.

I have an obcession with helping others.  So I couldn’t leave this blog without at least giving you a laugh.


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  1. Cuz Meribel on

    Loved this. Thank you for the Laughs. Only got one I love you out of three…pretty good batting average, I guess. Love the idea of staying in bliss!!!
    Blessed be

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