May 7th, 2010: HuLu and Instant wealth.

My sister and I love watching Glee, so when we missed it recently we were disappointed.  Now she tells me she went online to see if there were clips from the show and lo and behold, a site called HuLu reran the entire show!

Concerning instant wealth, how many of us took advantage of buying up beaucoup G.E. stock when it dropped from $40 a share to just 1 cent?  I just heard it on the grapevine that it wasn’t just happenstance or glitch.  Some people out there are desperate!  Ethics -wise, how many of us would join a group deciding to do this?  Well, I guess pressure is called pressure because it is, well, pressure!

My last post on perspective is still boiling on the back-burner of my mind.  I went to many of our fellow blogathon members’ blogs which I feel is mandatory to see who my fellows are.  One gets paid to write online material.  I went to the site he advertised and applied.  What a shock to have them say I wasn’t their ‘kind’ of quality!  It must have been my Christmas letter I submitted as a sample of my writing skills.  That was the one I had to ‘save’ every thirty seconds while my computer’s Microsoft Word had problems acknowledging my printer.  I got my message across, but I felt like the character in the Diana Gabeldon novel who had to talk with a lisp because someone had knocked out her two front teeth.

I suppose I need to put this prospect of ‘making money using my creative talents’ on the altar.  I think the Holy Spirit has a fire burning there that pretty much consumes notions that come from my Ego.  It’s all for my good, I know.  I would stress myself out and make ‘earning’ money a priority…a sure set up for disappointment and rising blood pressure as well.   That is one thing I know ‘I can’t afford’.

I feel so much better writing this blog where the only pressure is to make sure I get to my computer once a day.  The only pressure is to search for ways to make it better.  I see a word ‘polls’ over on my sidebar.  When I get a flash of insight I will begin a poll…How many of you feel like making a comment?

Now how many have laid their worries and pressures on the altar and seen with laughter that the Holy Spirit has burnt them up with the very wise comment…”You don’t need that!”…eh?


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  1. Su-sieee! Mac on

    Hi’ya Shelley. I’m a fellow blogathoner, and I’m pleased to meet you. I like the way your words flow out of you and the things you say. My mom and I each had a change of perspective about life and each other when she broke her hip and had to stay in a skilled nursing facility for 6 weeks or so. All for the better. You reminded me of that in your last post. 🙂

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