May 5th Cinco de Mayo in Bozeman, Mt.

I hear reports of people turning on their cooling fans.  All I have to do is open a window.  It is snowing lightly today here in Bozeman, Montana.  I was amazed on Monday by a blizzard which blew in for an hour or two whipping snow clumps every which way…even straight up!

I picked up my friend from the airport who had gone to Texas to cross the border for dental work on the cheap.  Three fillings, a root canal, post, and four crowns for around $800!  Happy Cinco de Mayo for sure!  We decided their offices had no frills/ no TV.  Also no liability insurance!

I would like to insert an invitation to read the other members’ blogs as I have found several lists.  Thanks to all who make comments (positive of course).  It really makes me feel the effort to reach out was worthwhile.

I have been too sedentary this winter and formed a habit of watching TV from 7pm to 10pm.  I have been accused, (by my well-intentioned sister) of gaining weight.  I have not gotten Wii-red yet.  So I am glad for this bloggerthon to get me into another room. (Wii is where you get to exercise to interactive video games).

I really have it good.  I am getting paid to take care of Mom as a professional care-giver, I get food and a room, I split shifts three ways with Mondays off.  My income is low enough to qualify for Low income utilities and low floating scale clinic visits.  I don’t have insurance so my Meds at Smiths are only $10 a bottle of 90 day scripts. (I got the doctor at the Clinic to prescribe me the bulk rate!)   I have time to meditate, be online, take an afternoon nap, and bake a batch of Rice Krispy- marshmallow bars!  Whew!

Now I read that one of the Russian novelists (either Chekov or Tolstoy) had a routine in which he partitioned his day between creative writing, social visits, repairs around the house, Church Mass, and walks.  It really is good to have slots that give you a change of scenery throughout the day.  It is a plan that gets one out of the easy chair.

It has come to my attention there are some who are sweating money matters and are looking for ‘jobs’ to fulfill an economic necessity.  Here are a few ideas I’ve gleaned over the years.

1.  A commune or community that pools resources makes it ‘cheaper by the dozen’.  A four bedroom house or duplex (if you want to keep boys and girls in separate quarters) can be a wonderful arrangement if all agree to pooling resources and taking turns mopping the kitchen floor.  A co-ordinator directs the thrusts of combined energy and finds projects for team effort.  (EG:  We are going to buy and license a hot-dog cart and take shifts manning it/  we are going to take the van to a client’s house and help her move/ paint/etc. in exchange for a refrigerator full of food/ yard sale items etc.)

In the group I was part of, there were children some of us were assigned to teach or babysit or pick up from school.  This helped the mom who was still at the office or hung up in meetings.  Having a community car or two was a plus and it’s maintenance came out of pooled funds.  People with licenses drove people without to their job sites and appointments.  Some were mechanics that made sure the vehicles were kept up.

As in all pooled resource communities there are feelings that get hurt or confusions that need clarification.  We had a moderator who sat down with each one individually to smooth relations. (My late husband would have called her the ‘flack catcher’ after Thomas Wolfe’s novels).   If a topic seemed to be raised of doubtful disputation a general meeting was held and basics were laid out on the table.  Sometimes lines had to be drawn so all could get on the ‘same page’.

Here are some jobs we got:  High School Cafeteria servers/ Staffing Behavioral Health houses (make sure meds are taken as prescribed), house cleaning service/ Carel attending for private client relatives (Down’s syndrome brother; Alzheimer Mother;  walks with Mother just out of hospital with spinal bolt operation etc.)/ sitting at yard sales for clients for a share of the proceeds.

End of blog for today.    Shelley


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  1. Andrea Parker on

    It is great to take pleasure in the simple yet important aspects of daily life.

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