May 3rd, 2010 blog: Blog On! Green is Good!

I have subscribed to an investment newsletter called Wealth Daily.  I am trying to research good investments for my retirement.  Who am I kidding?  I am really trying to impress my sister who is an avid stock researcher/investor.  She boasts that her ladies investment group always take her monthly suggestions as she is so well versed and ‘in the know’.  I was jealous when she said they had agreed to celebrate their first $1,000 profit with a trip to Paris!

Remember my last blog about having a good eye for charities that pay it forward?  Well, this blog is about actually making money off the desire and innovators who make the world a greener place to live.

Green technology is leaping forward at an astronomical rate.  Exponential, even!  I bet the medical profession will start transplanting green hearts, and the hypno-therapists will be planting subliminal suggestions,  “Plant a tree and recycle!”

There is a Conference(COP-15) yearly to discuss how to make our carbon footprint smaller.  It seems vouchers are being bought and sold that allow companies to pollute!  The wise countries bought more than they needed when the price was low and the countries that find they need to pollute but have no vouchers have to buy high from the prospectors.  Now that’s digging for gold!

I have a Facebook acct. and linked to it so I could keep up to date with inventions and architecture using green technology.  They even have contests for recyclers to send in their ideas and pictures.  I’ve seen terrariums made of old light bulbs, lampshades made of egg cartons, and recliners made of old Vespa scooter fronts.   I don’t think I’ll be sitting on a lawn chair anytime soon… the grass may look inviting, but I feel it will invite bugs too.  And who wants all that mowing?

If the disasters in Haiti and elsewhere teach me anything, it’s that green solutions are being proposed and designed and sent to replace outmoded structures.  At least if these structures meet an earthquake, no problem.   Just recycle!  I suppose the supposedly ‘cool’ design of refugee housing in stacked shipping containers is cheap and plentiful.

Let’s see:  Green power from wind farms!  Now that’s a sight!  I saw an old Dutch windmill in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco years ago.  Now nearly every road trip I see these farms of sleek metal towers and turbines.  Vesta Wind is stock that a lot of EFTs are picking up.  If only my sister would buy some for me!  I hear out by Tehachapi  Gov. Swartznegger is shaking hands with wind developers.  Or is it solar panels in the Mojave?

Did you know you can build your own solar/wind power generators with kits?  I think you can google where to pick them up and how to attach them to your grid meter.  Just think how proud you’d be to make so much power you actually sell power back to the power company?

I must be hardwired to light up every time I see a solution to a problem.  Remember, problems present themselves so you can fix them!  I don’t like to feel guilty, so I keep a mental file of fixes just in case.  I used to carry a huge purse with everything from band-aids and scissors to a tube of squeak fixing oil!  I still like to hear, “Shelley, I don’t know what I would have done without you!”

You would think if everyone were like me the world would be all fixed!  I suspect more people are like me in that the solutions remain in their heads.  I kept telling myself it was lack of finances that kept me from patenting my eminently useful inflatable guitar case.  But now that I have become a blogger, that is no longer an excuse.

I know now that all I have to do to find a group interested in a meet-up to join together on a fix-up project is to form one myself or search ‘google’!

Right now my comfort zone is to ‘read up’ on what others are doing.  But as a friend once jibed, “Reading is the last dodge to keep you from actually doing!”

Bye for now from Shelcluzo’s blog.


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  1. Zonia Auel on

    Great post, yes Im human

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