May 2, 2010: May the Swartz be with You

I was checking my financial newsletter today after a rousing sermon that God lives outside of ‘time’.  It’s just us in relativity that see things one moment at a time.  Past, is what just happened,  future is the next unmanifested moment, but we just live in the present.

It was interesting to follow the links at the end of the newsletter for charities.  I had been doing research on the Grameen bank of Bangladesh giving microloans to women!  It seems there is another organization called KIVA loans where I can invest $25 to a chosen project to help someone in the third world get their business off the ground.  I am really impressed how so little can go so far.  In KIVA investors can get their profits back into their paypal accounts, but they can also reinvest.  It’s like paying it forward.

Another of my favorite charities is Heifer International.  This is where you donate towards a cow or goat or lamb or a flock of geese to a family.  I read the testimonies of recipients whose families were hungry or displaced or refugees.  Not only did the pig or cow help their family get out of poverty, they were asked to give of the offspring to  others!  That is really being a good neighbor!

So the Sunday message of this blog is to open the hand and let God fill it.  Now is the only moment you have to both give and receive.  And may the Swartz be with you!     Shelley


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  1. Rachel Vidoni on

    What a positive message! I needed reminding today about letting God fill up my hands. I’ve been praying really diligently (for awhile now) for a career prospect for my husband (he’s employed but applied for a better job) and while we haven’t gotten the final word yet, i’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen. Apparently God likes for our family to keep it real and provide financial security at an hourly rate! 🙂

    Thanks for the uplifting message. I’m also blogging for the blogathon so keep up the good work!

    • shelcluzo on

      Hi, Rachel. As this is my first conversation with my first commenter to my second blog you can see I’m really feeling like a butterfly out of its cocoon. I like to have people present me with problems, especially if they are seeking advice from my ‘been there done that’ wisdom. I went to your blog site and saw my name listed as recommended reading! How great I felt!
      Anyway, I was really impressed at how many blogs you have posted and am truly amazed! I understand, however it is not the speed of the fingers, but the content that matters. I am not a scientist, so I don’t measure value with a sliderule. My experience of value has been found by going inward and seeing myself connect at the heart.
      I have made a conscious decision to make myself happy and delighted with whatever I happen to be doing at the time. So I suggest doing what I did with my Mom I am care-giving for. Dance! “You put your right foot in…put your right foot out…and shake it all about.”

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