May 1st Blogathon entry: I’m a reader/dreamer

I live at the library.  When I was homeschooling my kids I’d take them to check out piles of what I called curriculum.  “The world is in front of you, kids.”  I’d wave my arm at the stacks.

They stared at me with blank faces wondering what this weird and kooky Mom was so passionate about.  One even had the nerve to tell me he hadn’t found a thing to engage his interest! Undaunted, I grabbed books I had loved that I just knew they would find lifelong favorites.  Here’s Dr. Seuss!  The Oz books were full of lively fairies and witches and a talking sawhorse.  OOh!  Don’t you think Jack Pumpkin-head is cool?

When one reads a lot it helps your vocabulary.  It also helped that my Mom not only read ‘How to increase your vocabulary’ in Reader’s Digest’ but practiced in her daily conversation.  “You recalcitrant kids have no finesse and the manners of a porcine troll.”

I learned what ‘faux-pas’ meant and loved to throw around ‘vituperative’ with knowledgable needling (or harpooning) thrust.  I found just the right words to impress my essay grading teachers and expected A-s (though I had to have Mom do the typing.)

Our family (from both biological and marital perspective)  was comprised of readers who were comfortable with words.  It was therefore strange to me to find myself in conversation with ‘outsiders’ who constantly asked me what my ordinary words meant.  I mean who wouldn’t be flabbergasted?

I had moved into a community in Phoenix to reach out and assist a lady who I knew was sensitive spiritually but needed an extra hand in her care-giving business.  My husband had died, and I still felt the need to be needed.  Boy, was I surprised when she said she would take me on as a protegé and subject for her ‘Inner-healing’ ministry! (That’s another story.)  Part of her training was to assign me different service projects.  The project of teaching her grandkids one semester of ‘home-schooling’ was a ‘training’ I will never forget!

Now, I am a dreamer.  I honor the board of angels or watchers or spirits who have passed into the heavens but are still interested in earth enough to send dreams and visions and even creative ideas to those of us still in bodies.  Hey, if they need to express creatively through someone, who am I to deny the world of a poem or painting or song that Heaven sent?  I’m just thankful for all the training in art and word-smithing to aid me in the creative process.

But when I started teaching these three boys of 6, 8 and 10, I met a challenge.  I must have been prepared  in at least several dreams/nightmares.  It certainly got me to stop grieving about what was past, for the needs of these present children showed me my own inexpertise.  I had to juggle three grade levels as well as report to another (their Mom) about their progress and comportment.  Lo and behold, I had to ‘dumb-down’ my vocabulary or spend an inordinate amount of time looking up words in the dictionary.  When I told them to ask Mom, she came back with the same quizzical blank slate look.

I just heard a preacher on TV say it is good to face problems for that is when you can supply the need.  Yes, it feels good to be the one who knows the answer if you are honored for it and the answer is used.  It is another thing to be considered too intellectual to be really considered ‘spiritual’ and relegated to menial tasks that don’t call for any use of your strengths and training!

This is the end of my blog for today.  I have touched upon the importance to me of life-long learning, books, vocabulary, and willing students.  I have mentioned dreams and visions, which I am willing to share with their insights.  I have mentioned home-schooling and hinted at blessings as well as complications.  I have mentioned belonging to a community which honors my value in terms of group need.  (To be fair I have found since removing to care for my Mom in a different state that my  Phoenix assignments did actually prepare me for what I am doing now.)

I anyone reading this would please respond with a desire or interest in any of these threads, it may influence what tomorrow’s blog will entail.  I will be listening. (That means you guys in the Heavenly boardroom, too! Beam me a dream!)     Shelley


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